Clinic Manager : Help Doctors met au point un logiciel de gestion de dispensaire

En partenariat avec un informaticien Egyptien et notre équipe du dispensaire de Khan Younes à Gaza, Help Doctors a mis au point un logiciel de gestion de dispensaire. Cet outil permet de gérer les dossiers patients, la pharmacie, la comptabilité et toutes autres opérations indispensable à une bonne gestion en toute transparence.

The clinic Manager will help you to :

1- You can make a separate file for each patient so that you can edit the essential information of the patient and browse that patient previous visits or create a new visit in order to record the new diagnostics data such as Patient complaint – present illness – history illness – diagnosis – pulse.... etc.

2- This program contains more than 8000 type of medicine's commercial names so that you are allowed to Add or remove new types.

3- Using four patterns of drug prescription as samples printout.

4- Editing transformation letters to other hospital or doctors.

5- Possibility of saving patient photo and ray's scan pictures and browse it.

6- Allows you to browse patient's returning dates.

7- Allows you to get a report of the clinic expenses during a certain period.

8- Allows you to get a report of the clinic net incomes during a certain period.

9- Allows you to show reports of all medicines given to a certain patient or a certain case or both.

10- Gives you a full options search possibility, search with patient name, patient no, patient address or allows you to search with diagnosis window fields data

11- The possibility of setting the program up on a network so that the physician's assistant can record the essential patient's information in order to be ready in front of the doctor when the patient gets in.

12- As a security system you can make a data base backup in case of formatting the PC hard disc.

How to download a trial program :

In first should be download and install those programs:

1- Dot net frame work link from Microsoft : 52154438565a/dotnetfx.exe

other link for same dot net frame work :

2-crystal report

There is a public version of the program, suitable for all disciplines doctors.

There is a copy of the program is dedicated to women and childbirth doctors.

And there is a copy of the program is dedicated to ophthalmologists

Password access to all copies is 123

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information about the details of the program :
ForsanSoft co.
Mobile No. +20112631517